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We are INTERNATIONAL LIGHT PAINTING EXPERTS and we have broad experience in events since 2012

Each one of our experiences are customized to create an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with the attendees.




We are committed to offer HIGH QUALITY AND EXCLUSIVE artistic results.


Constantly innovating through our IMMERSIVE ACTIONS, where the attendees take part of the piece of art created

We take care to enhance the SPECTACULAR NATURE of our events and the creation of GREAT MEMORIES

  • Frodo is that kind of artist that puts his passion and heart into his works, with the goal of maximizing the expectation of each client and responding to every required demand.

    The results are amazing and it’s always a pleasure to travel with him and share art in our projects togethe

    Cédric Mérand
  • Light Painting and Frodo are one. In our TeamBuilding activities we consider his presence is essential, due to his professional skills and his way of approaching Light Painting to team work dynamics.

    All our clients remember the experience as extraordinary, congratulations!

    Odos Aventura
    Adrián Tapia
  • Working with Frodo has been a revelation. Great professional skills, punctuality and results are beyond the expected. Our event with him was shining (quite literally) with its own light.

    Arrontes y Barrera
    Miguel Ángel Martinez Nieto
    Creative Director
  • "I have known Alfredo since 2014. He is the most passionate and hardworking lightpainter I ever met. He is a perfect team leader and a really talented artist.

    Fortunately, we have worked together on numerous occasions and I must say his effective support and creative and epic solutions are priceless.”

    Light Painting World Alliance
    Sergey Churkin
    LPWA Founder
    Light Painting World Alliance
  • What can I say about Frodo! Since I met him around 2015 I never stopped learning by his side. What I like the most about his personality is that, just like me, he is mad enough to believe that any crazy idea is possible to carry out, even if it requires a titanic effort, so I’m always looking forward to the next collaboration together, to live unique experiences

Some of the customers we have worked with

Frodo Álvarez.

Frodo Álvarez.

Founder, International Lightpainter
Frodo Álvarez is an experienced international light painting artist. After years developing his artistic technique, he lives for light painting.
He has been part of numerous light festivals around the entire World and he’s winner of numerous prizes and recognitions for his work.
Professionally speaking, he’s been able to lead light painting art to events, advertising and audiovisual sectors, with exclusive services in which he continues to create, innovate and fill the world with light.
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