The new Light Painting Video Tutorials course is here, available from the CarreteDigital platform. Start from scratch to understand the art of Light Painting first-hand from Frodo Álvarez (DKL) and Mario Le2 in 10 helpful episodes.

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Well, that’s right, Frodo Álvarez is an international light painting professional, Mario Lechu is a photographer and light painter, Frodo’s adventure mate on multiple occasions, and together they embarked on this new project. A light painting course presented in video tutorials.

This first season presented in the form of 10 episodes, aimed at an audience that likes photography, and wants to start in the wonderful world of light painting art, and more specifically for now, light painting photography.

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We will talk a little about the very interesting history of light painting, basic equipment, tools, lighting techniques and many effects and tricks so that you have no excuses and have a good base from which to start on this wonderful path of experimentation and creativity without limits.

We hope that you really like this course a lot, so we keep it up and make a second season, yes, much more advanced.


What are you waiting for?

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can listen to us talking about the light painting video tutorials in much more detail, in this video tutorial podcast that we recorded with CarreteDigital.


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In this link you can access the course of Frodo Álvarez and Mario Le2. The course consists of 10 classes that CarreteDigital will publish week by week until it is completed. As in all the courses they offer, you can enjoy an open class, in order to get an idea of the quality of the course and the ability to transmit that these two artists of light have.

We want to see many works posted on social networks so we can see what you have learned with this course, we are sure you are going to love it and it will serve as inspiration to create your own style based on this knowledge.

We hope to see your work with the hashtag #DKLe2 to follow up your works!

Lots of light and… see you in the dark!

Frodo DKL