Books & Shootings.

Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fantasy... make exclusive artistic portraits for social networks, books or portfolios.

Espacio Separador


Here we offer private shootings where we fully customize our light painting portraits. In works for photo books, models are the main interest in the portrait, adapting our tools to their preferences and needs. 

If what we do is a Light Painting Photo Shooting, we prepare a scene and a themed customization with models, stylist and everything needed for other photographers to get their exclusive Light Painting piece of art. With Light Painting we give an artistic touch to this type of photography and the results leave no one indifferent.


Ours is an authorship photographic work. We have world-renowned international light painting artist in our team, so the results of our actions have a great artistic value. But mostly, it’s all about getting a different and exclusive service, which attracts everyone´s attention and distinguishes it from regular photo shooting that can be used for your portfolio or to create themed light painting artworks.

Books: we can generate customized content for portfolios.

Shootings: we create themed sessions for one or more participants based on the art of light painting. Our lights performance will surprise the customers, mostly if it is their first time experiencing this art form and will get striking images in their cameras after the shooting.

We also have in our team a photographer coordinator, stylist and models that will guarantee the success and quality of the results. 


This service is specially geared to models, influencers, instagramers, or anyone who wants to get an exclusive light painting portrait or get to experience a light painting photo shoot in case of books.


Shootings are more intended to group of photographers, photographic organizations, model agencies, communication agencies, etc.

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Remember: books and shootings can be customized in multiple ways! You dare to make a difference?

Espacio Separador

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Espacio Separador