Bullet Time.

First time in Spain, the “Matrix Effect” applied to Light Painting, an immersive experience.

Espacio Separador


Who does not remember the Matrix films and the revolutionary effect created when freezing the bullets in the air while moving the shot al around them? Yes, that’s the effect known as bullet time, very popular and striking, and we are able to simulate it, creating very innovative video clips with this immersive technique

bullet time light painting childern of darklight


This is the last innovation in light painting worldwide and we have just imported it to Spain for the first time. Its best attraction lies with the spectacular results. In different formats, the model poses inside a ring of cameras in a dark spot; we shoot and create the action with our choreography of lights around him/her. That’s how we obtain a very hard to forget and very special video art piece.


This format is aimed for all types of event, marketing or communication agencies. This experience would be especially interesting for brand activation campaigns, for example.

Also in the audiovisual world it finds its spot in advertising, company videos, video clips for social network, TV, cinema, music videos, etc.

Remember, we can customize it to your preferences with many resources and tips! Do you dare to make a difference?

Espacio Separador

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Espacio Separador