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A perfect service for fast learning or to create social network content.

Espacio Separador


We offer the chance of discovering Light Painting technique for people of every range of age, with private classes customized for the client; with the goal of learning or with the intention of living an exclusive experience painting with lights.


Mark the difference. The customization of the workshop is the key to achieve the expected results quickly. If learning light painting is your goal, either basic level or to improve and perfect the technique, this is a great opportunity to learn along with an international light painter like Frodo Álvarez.


On the other hand, if what you want is to experience this discipline, paint your own photos with light, take some light painting portraits, or create original content for your social network … This can be a really great tool.

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Times move on, new potential markets emerge, and new demands are created. Among them, we observe the creation of content for social networks, something that influencers and youtubers constantly need. For these cases we have personalized workshops. These are very exclusive workshops, and very adapted to your needs when preparing the content you need. It’s all about having fun, learning and creating art. Sometimes the companies and agencies themselves are the client that is in charge of hiring this service to carry out the activity with the influencer.


On the other hand, for those who want to learn light painting or improve in this discipline, what better way than to have as a teacher an expert light painter who develops his class according to your preferences or needs?

Espacio Separador

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Espacio Separador