Team Building Actions

Have a great time reinforcing the work team while creating an art piece.

Espacio Separador


Team Building actions are born from the companies demand on activities that upgrade teamwork in their group and improve the relationship with each other.

We bring our light painting to this market, devising incredible participatory and immersive experiences that allow us to create authentic works of art as a team. An activity that not only reinforces the mentioned values but also will leave a great artistic memory that the participants will not forget.


It is aimed especially for companies, to work normally with groups of people from 50 and 500, as a regular team building activity. The action lasts approximately one hour… and fun and teamwork are guaranteed. And of course, we can customize it to your preferences in various ways to transmit what you want! We will define the action according to your needs and values.

Innovation, art, interaction, emotions … why not to make a difference? If you want more information, do not hesitate to ask us for a budget by clicking here.



An adequate space is needed to make the activity, indoors or outdoors. We will provide the technical means, human resources, and materials needed to guarantee the success of the action. Our team has high experience in this type of immersive experience.


We show the art of light painting to the participants and teach them to paint with light as a team, until we achieve our artistic objective under our instructions.

We can include a making-of video that will be forever a memory, not only of the work created, but also of the entire process creating it, not allowing you to forget such positive emotions.

Espacio Separador

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Espacio Separador