Video Light Painting.

The most innovating video technology at the service of light painting

Espacio Separador


We can bring our light paintings to life and create incredible videos in real time, thanks to the help of special video software that allows us to record and visualize the light painting as it is created.

video light painting children of darklight


Video Light Painting is a mixture of art and technology, and a great tool in the audiovisual world. We create stunning videos where light painting comes to life and fully captures the viewer’s attention. There are numerous possibilities when recording the video, with different modes or effects to combine with light painting. Best of all, the results are immediate; video is recorded with the artists and viewed in real time. In the case of an advertising production, music video clip, etc., this service would considerably reduce production times, when compared to a result that pretends to be similar but digitally generated in post-production.


Our video art is ideal for advertising and video clips. We also use it for our Live Light Art Show which is among our services.

Innovation, art, video … why not make a difference? If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Espacio Separador

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Espacio Separador