Giant Light

An interactive experience, big time, of music and Light Painting.

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It is an Immersive Huge Audience Experience. Music and Light Painting are combined in a unique event. Our space, flooded by the exquisite music of our DJ, is a space that creates emotions. The music engages the attendants who join us, many are encouraged to participate in our performance where a Light Painting portrait is made, immersing themselves in our choreography of lights. They feel the mystery of what is created, the emotion to see the photo, and the surprise to see it projected in large scale on facades or video-walls, enjoying that magical moment and becoming part of the artistic action or the city itself.


This mix of innovation, music, light and emotions becomes an artistic installation in the case of cities. Therefore, it is worth highlighting the importance of citizen participation, the good memories that the participants take with them, and the impact that the action could have on social media in real time, especially if it is enhanced with good marketing strategies. In addition, the action also offers promotion of the city, exhibition, entertainment and artistic legacy.

In the case of closed spaces, we have the possibility of animating 100% any type of party / event. And all this can be provided with the advantages that our Social Station entails (see Photocall Light Painting).

If you like this experience and you organize an event, do not hesitate to contact us to adapt it to your liking by clicking  here.


Given the magnitude of this experience, it is especially aimed at cities for Light Festivals, parties, cultural nights such as the White Night; also to agencies for street marketing campaigns; or even large spaces for events such as discos or hotels.

Espacio Separador

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Espacio Separador

DKL Premio Mejor Experiencia 2022

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