Light Painting Photobooth

Our Star Experience


What is it?

We go far from conventional to create an immersive and emotional Light Painting Experience.

Our photocall becomes a performance where the attendees are integrated in our light choreography and will receive an exclusive art piece, a photograph as a memory of a unique portrait created by our light painting experts.

Who is it for?

This service is suitable for all kind of events: private parties, presentations, premieres, openings, weddings, birthday parties, concerts & festivals…. And, best of all, we can even customize it in plenty different ways and it is always a success!!

Innovation, art, interaction, emotions… are you ready to make a difference? If you organize an event and want more info, don’t hesitate to ask for ideas and budget here.


What about the requirements?

A dark area is needed, as work space. We can bring our black tent, but it also possible to design a black box or even adapt another kind of space.

If the light conditions of the place allow it, we love to work in an open space so our performance becomes a real show for everybody to enjoy.


The attendees come into our space and they must stay still posing no more than one minute. Meanwhile, the artist illuminates them and makes choreography of lights all around them.
One the photo is finished, it will be automatically displayed on a screen, surprising and attracting more participants.


We have several options to share the image: from the classic printing to our social station for instantly digital sharing and with a lot of configuration possibilities that make a difference.

Branding Matters

Our client branding is very important to us, that’s why we offer different possibilities to choose: customize the space, the images, the social station interface and its configuration options, marketing strategies… If yours is a company event, ask us about the extra benefits you could get.

Is it themed and adaptable?

Our experience allows us to be able to customize our photocall in multiple ways: the colors, the style, the introduction of determined images and light beings in the air, vintage style, decorations, fake fire (light fire), photocall cinema, action photocall… Do you have a different idea? Just ask us!

Want to see more?


A few video examples below:

• Photocall – Sony Music – Efecto Mariposa

• Photocall – Princesa de Asturias Awards – Light Painting Ambrotype

• Street Photocall MADO2019

• Photocall: Wedding and album gift

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